I would like to talk about South Africa where I went in February 2014.
For me to go to Africa , there is little reason

When I was a teacher in 2005 , I have lost a student because of unexpected accident . I attended his funeral , and I heard from his mother "my son seems to have wanted to do something for the poor in Africa"

This word has been deeply beat my heart . Because my father died a cause of cancer in 2002 , I could experience the death. I thought that I could receive my student's death by this experience , but it was not good at all .

When a person younger than myself , was seen to be there quietly with a clean face as transparent in the coffin , I was really shocked.

After I saw off the coffin , I told mom .

" Your son's dream was cut off , but you can rest assured . I will take over his dream "

I'm not sure yet whether I said such a thing , but why , I think it was my true feelings . His mother was telling me this also

" My son always talk to you "

Tears flow anyway , there was no way . I always regreted that I do not have anything for him.

The memories of him , there are only three months only . The accident occured as soon as he entered the summer vacation of the second year of high school

In my class , I remember that he always was smiling.

In the funeral , there were also women students was crying so as to cling to the coffin . I also was in charge of her in other class.

Since then , her face became gloomy.  She was vey smart , but is leaning against the desk like rejecting her reality.

I've been thinking, " the young girl would be painful by the death of her friend" and

Also class of student who died , was trying to always as bright guys , but it was incongruous state somewhere , they made a show of courage

Then, in March 2006 , I quit my job.

It told me that a woman student had that there is a story to me at that time . I was not able to imagine anything , but she told me that she was his girlfriend. 

She said  " He respected only you "

This was a shock really . . . I thought that it was overrated , but I was happy  for him to evaluate me

I think again , I don't do anything...

She also said, " my boyfriend's mother want to give me her son's books , but I do not understand. Tha's why it is too difficult , sir ? Why not go to his home to get books with me"

I refused her offer.

As my feeling , I had not a right to get books. I should realize our promise.

I stuiedy in France from 2006 to 2007 , I worked as a salaried worker in 2007~2013 , but I was always thinking about him.

I had guilt feeling.

Without saying to people even if there is trouble , I overcomed my trouble. When leaving the company , and they were all surprised by a reason to quit. 

The teacher left the 29-year-old , I have retired from the company in 36 years . I think this is a training period for me. I had a philosophy major , because I had been studying Buddhism , I know Buddha started his training at 29 years old, was spiritually awakened at 35 years old

In about 35 years , I decided to obey the impulse that appears most strongly in my mind , and I shall offer my life since I was a 20's . It is whether the promotion of the company , and whether the marriage , I did not know at the time, it was decided as a result that I take over the dream of my student.

I knew that under the influence of colonization , they spoke in English or French. Since I speak a little French , to manage to English ,we learn English for half a year in the Philippines.
And I returned in November 2013, and went to Africa in 2014.

Wow  I'm sorry introduction is long

Since we promised between me and mom of student , time has passed about eight and a half years . I think it is  completely different between me and person to go to Africa in the tourism. I finally visited in Africa

Destination is South Africa . He was in prison for 27 years , and I would like to know the country of those who fought against discrimination in the indomitable fighting spirit

Name of the person is Nelson Mandela.

Because of chicken heart , I rejected Johannesburg. It is said that the city of the world worst , therefore I went to Durban.

Here also is not enough security

I saw that scenery on the way to the hotel as below


First impression is "it is similar to Hokkaido ." Because of the Southern Hemisphere , South Africa is a summer season in February , and the breeze was blowing , it was good.

After arriving at the hotel I thought "I may fail this plan.That's why South Africa is very developped"




I wanted to search the poverty , but GDP in South Africa is the first place in Africa . In other words, South Africa is quite rich.


This country is 29 position in the world rankings of GDP.It was a difference of about 1.5 times in Nigeria at the 2-position in Africa.

I was shocked at the first day

Some street performers


This is in front of the hotel , but there were also fairly begging here

And at night , there are also prostitutes.

While I was buying sweets and water at the shop , she asked " Sex on me? "
If you are buying something at the Seven-Eleven in Japan , do prostitutes come there?

I can see in the skin feeling bad security

I went to the back road , but it was not allowed by guide book . I feel the fear about back road that I was scared the way , I have turned back immediately

So there is no photo . This is a image about a back road.

In the back road , black group of five or six is dotted , they stared at me  ...

And I have only Asian face . I was anxious about this situation.
In my eyes , I looked like a picture on everyone anyway

I was back to running haste.

I caould look at the beach during the day , I only had to watch souvenir in Durban.

And I headed to Umutata . Greyhound bus called 390 land certainly is ( about 4000 yen )

Over the course of about six hours , I arrived at the Umutata . It was a small town.


There is a town called Kunu away 20km from here. In addition, there is the grave of Mandela 's there . H it is his hometown.


It is a town with nothing . There is a grave of Mandela 's.
I encounterd unexpected accident.

" Hey, do not put it in the grave ," the security guard said. 
"Do not enter , don't take a photograph" the security guard said.
" From Japan , I came  " I said.
Old man guard thinks a little ...
" I thought , no good "

I think that if I give a bribe perhaps , I could enter in a grave.

But , Mr. Mandela would not want me to do such a thing. I gave up entering . Guide who was hired was also apologetic.

Asians who came to the grave , I am so the first time . Old man said this info, but I don't believe this info... 

Instead of entering to the garve , I went to Mandela Musium in Qunu.


Shooting in the inside is prohibited . They wanted to do a welcome "You  came well " and again . 

I  returned Umutata ,  played with kindergarten children.

Please look at theire clothes . Clothes are not dirty . Umutata is a country side, but education is in good condition.

Before I went to the grave , I remembered the words of Mandela , who was in the hotel


It is written like this way

" Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Look at these words , tears flowed naturally .He embraced the ambition where there is nothing like Kunu , he changed the country. It was amazing 

After return to Durban , it's headed next , it is Cape Town


Center city seems so dangerous , I stayed in B&B away a little from city. When I asked "Is it okay to walk around here?" , reply with " no problem "

I walk
Wall , how it is no problem? It seems to be the police of the ancient Greeks.


Why is it no problem ? Fence is very high


Why is it no problem ? It rejects the intruder


Why is it no problem ? It is electric fence . If I enter, I will die....


I thought security level  of people in Cape Town is different .

Hotel owner said " the central shopping area ? You can go ", I went to the center city.
My chicken heart chartered a taxi . Taxi fee was ZAR 400 per round trip( 4000 yen )


Very developped

It is a tourist area. I have seen Asian people at first time here


There is also an aquarium . The girl looked at me . She may have curiousity about Asian face,


Wine is famous . No bitterness in the taste basis , I feel fruity . I think that it is suitable for Japanese.

I thought here . "I 'm not a tourist "

I went to the Cape of Good Hope the next day . It is a place where Bartolomeu Dias has found


Here is the point at which the Atlantic and Indian Ocean collide . Wind is very strong


This is the Cape of Good Hope . We are paying JPY 7,000 to drivers in the plan to only see this Cape of Good Hope.

I bought my safety with money.

I couldn't take photographs in dangerous area , but I went to areas with poor security

It was full of bad black eyed . Nigeria come to sell drag , Driver talked about this story.

It is immigration problem

Also people that can not be educated satisfactorily and have low income, seem to worsen the security

It is a poverty problem

In South Africa , white people area and black people area are divided . The part of the most corrupt is isolated , it is not possible for me to observe.

I bought my safety with money. To step into the part of darkness , I must have experience and funds.

In order to do something in Africa , it was found that it is necessary to use money . I think there 's my harvest.

And I was whispering in mind at every thing.

" Hey, through the body or through my eyes , look at the African soil , and here is scenery that you wanted to look at "


South African is similar to the Japanese in some points. They are quiet , patient , and intelligent.

I thought the future of the people of this country is bright

It's impressive of all, it is that the African soil is always hugging us , always give me the warm feeling.

" Once again , I come here."

While I think so , I've left the land of Africa.